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Principles of topological
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Molecular vector machine

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Proteins consist of 20 different amino acids, which are called canonical. It is these amino acids are encoded by triplets of the genetic code ( ).  

The question of why the canonical amino acids present in proteins and why it's just 20 so far in science has no an exact answer. There are various approaches as to classification of the canonical set of amino acids, as well as to the construction of their spatial structure [1-11], but they are questions not fully answered. On several web pages, step by step, we will try to answer these questions from the position of the theory of topological coding of proteins we developed

( ).  The need for presentation on multiple pages connected with the fact that the issues discussed are not as simple as they seem at first sight, and have several levels of difficulty. On this page we present the spatial structure of the canonical set of amino acids [12-16], without explaining the nature of this structure.


Principles of construction of the spatial structure of the canonical set of amino acids:

1.    Foundation for building - the structure of the dodecahedron.

2.    The principle of antisymmetry of the side chains of amino acids in relation to each other at the location on the dodecahedron.

3.    Location of side chains on the dodecahedron - ascending molecular weight.


The second page, which we plan to open, will be associated with the of the molecular machinery of  proteins

 That's it, you'll know why we managed to build a structure of amino acids on the dodecahedron with the principle of antisymmetry. Other pages are also planned, but we won't talk about them yet.

Our page is aimed at users of any level, so those that already "know everything", can pass the elementary things that may be of interest to unprepared readers.


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1. Canonical set of amino acids

2. Construction of twenty elements system on the dodecahedron

3. System of canonical amino acids on the dodecahedron






4.  Antisymmetry in system of canonical amino acids



Not mirror




5. Variant of constructing of a system of canonical amino acids without a dodecahedron



So, you have got acquainted with the model of structure of the canonical set of side chains of amino acids developed by us. The basic model is constructed on a dodecahedron, but its construction and without a dodecahedron is possible. Essentially they are similar. However there is a choice problem: what variant is more preferable? For us it is a question solved: more preferably nevertheless a dodecahedron. However, to make this choice consciously, it is necessary to familiarize with other our page devoted to model of the molecular vector machine of proteins


We wish you the further scientific impressions!

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RThe Work was carried out at the Centre of Microtechnologies and Diagnostics (CMID) of the St.-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI", at financial support of University


I express my sincere gratitude to A.I. Belyaev for help in editing the English version of this page.

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